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Flycam Nano DSLR Camera Stabilizer with a Quick Release


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Flycam Nano DSLR Camera Stabilizer with QR Plate and Optional Arm Brace

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Flycam Nano DSLR Camera Stabilizer with QR Plate and Optional Arm Brace



We are proud to introduce to you the DSLR Flycam Nano, one of the biggest selling and most innovative products in our range. Right from the outset the DSLR Flycam Nano has been designed for functionality. This lightweight stabilizing system is perfect for all DSLR cameras which weigh less than 3.3lbs (1.5kg).

In addition to this, it can also be used for handheld camcorders. The beautiful construction of this product means that both the professional and the amateur cinematographer can look forward to perfect results each and every time. This hand held system is designed to take away one of the major problems that faces both photographers and cinematographers alike; those hand motions which create light blur in your shots.

The DSLR Flycam Nano reduces your need for a tripod. The Nano delivers great control allowing you to achieve brilliant shots without compromising freedom of motion.

Inside of the box you will find :

  • Flycam Nano Camera Stabilizer & Quick Release
  • Carrying bag

Features of the DSLR Flycam Nano :

  • This product has been crafted to the highest possible standard. The stabilizer is made of aluminum and coated with black powder. 

  • The knobs on the unit are crafted from high quality plastic. This ensures that the product is suitable for use in all weather.

  • The platform for the camera allows you to set it to multiple positions. You will be able to change the position on both the X and the Y
    angle. This ensures that you get the shot that you want.

  • Soft grip hand ensures that the product is comfortable to handle at all times.
  • With sixteen weight discs on the weight plate, it is simpler than ever to balance your camera on the stabilizer.
    You are able to remove these weights depending on your camera and the accessories which will be mounted on the Nano.



Additional Information

Product Manual No
  • Each Weight of Disc Dia: 65mm
  • Each Weight's Thickness: 4.5mm
  • Weight Fastening Screw: 1/4-inch
  • Stabilizer Weight: 1.60kg
  • Weight of one Weight Disc: 95g
  • Length of Stabilizer: 14.5-inch
  • Complete Length with Telescopic : 22.5-inch
  • Top plate dimensions: 7-inch (L) x 4-inch(L)
  • Dia of Sled: 23mm

Compatible with the following:

  • Canon : 5d Mark II, EOS7D, 1000D, 40D, 50D, 450D, 60D, 1100D, 30D, 20D, 350D, 450D, Rebel XSI, XT, T2I, 500D, 550D, Rebel 500D
  • Sony : A230, A330, A350, A380, A200, A580, A900, A700, A100, A290, A450, A500, A390, A850, A300, A560 A290
  • Nikon : D70, D90, D40, D60, D40X, D3, D3X, D3S, D5000, D3100, D3000, D80, D60, D700, D300, D3S
  • Panasonic : Lumix Gla,DMC-FZ 50K, GH1,GH2,G1,G10,DMC- FZ7
  • Fuji : S3500, S6900, S2500, S1800, HS10, S700, S8000, S5800, 5200EXR, S3, S5, S5200HD, 58000FD, S3, S5
Warranty CameraKings 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty
Brand Flycam


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  1. Good, but has quite short bowl mount's screw Review by Guest

    I am quite happy with this tilt head. It can turn 360 and tilt 90 degrees in both directions. Knobs which hold the head should be tightly screwed so it would not move when slider with heavier equipment is mounted. However, the bowl mount in this tilt head has quite short screw and it was not enough for my tripod to mount on (my tripod is Fancier FC-270A). Luckily I had a part which solved my problem. Packaging included two 1/4 and two 3/8 screws. (Posted on 08/04/2013)

  2. Good, does its job Review by Wazzelaar (youtube)

    You have to be careful to mount and tighten it correctly otherwise it's not very steady, but it's a great way to support the and great for vertical slider shots. (Posted on 03/03/2013)

  3. Highly compatible Review by George D. Soto

    I have loads of camera equipment to choose from depending on what type of shoot to do. I have mt shoulder stabilizer, my job crane system, my dolly track system...and the list goes on. The best thing about this LCD is I can just mount it to anything and I can even just put on the table with the mount given. Great LCD and great deal... (Posted on 12/10/2012)

  4. Great quality, Very strong and sturdy Review by Bradley Mellor

    I read in the listing that this type of jib is strong enough to handle 15lbs of camera weight. Put it to the test when it arrived about 3 days ago. The quality is really fantastic and I can feel the strength. Everything was very balanced and not wobbly. It was also easy to carry anywhere because of the case that it came with. Really fantastic duo! (Posted on 25/09/2012)

  5. Awesome price for package Review by Guest

    For this price, I get a jib arm, pan tilt head, and a floor dolly, everything of really great quality. The jib arm for me is neither too short or to long. It's perfect and just the right size for the shots I need it with. Tilting the jib is easy as pie. I just have to release a pin. A great kit to spend your money on. (Posted on 25/09/2012)

  6. Perfect fit for our set Review by Guest

    This is definitely what I needed. The track is just the right size for our set. I was surprised that I could get a great quality track for the price they're offering it and the shipping was free, so it's definitely a great buy. When laid on the floor, the tracks are stable and they stay in place. Will definitely be purchasing soon.Thanks camerakings! (Posted on 21/09/2012)

  7. Easy to assembly, Helpful counter weight Review by Ioannis Fitilis

    I took out one part after the other and assembled my shoulder rig when it arrived. Had to watch a few vids online cause I'm not really the reading type. Now that I've figured out how to assemble the thing, breaking it down then re-assembling only takes a few minutes(like when you clean a gun). I didn't really take long for me to figure things out with the vids and all. It's not as complicated as it looks. It stabilized wonderfully and the counter balance added extra stability to it. (Posted on 11/09/2012)

  8. Less tiresome , Tripod mount great addition Review by Guest

    Normally, when I do shoots I usually go free-hand carrying my cam around and then when I'm tired I just mount it on a tripod. I prefer shooting by hand because it gives me more freedom and creativity. It would be great if it's only the freedom and creativity I get; I get tired too so that's why I have the tripod option. Now that I have my shoulder rig, I can get my freedom and creativity with less strain. (Posted on 11/09/2012)

  9. Very comfortable shoulder mount Review by Guest

    A friend of mine had a shoulder mount that he let me try when we did a practice shoot. I didn't really know what brand it was but it looked different from the Proaim shoulder mount and it did not have the chest support. My shots came out so well that I decided to buy one of my own. I think this is more comfortable to use because of the chest support to distribute the weight evenly. The handles also have patterns on them which makes it easier to grip. Now he's asking me where I bought mine. Recommended this site :) (Posted on 11/09/2012)

  10. Must Have gadget for Video Shoots Review by Simone

    I would have gone for something shorter than 8ft but I read the description and saw that it could be adjusted to 4ft. Its very versatile and it does not cramp my creativity. I use it rather often and I love that it came with it's own bag. It glides with ease and smoothness is not a problem. My videos look more professional than before. (Posted on 04/09/2012)


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